Making stuff is like athletic training?

Here I am, sitting at the beginning of my fifth decade: it’s really not that bad! One of the things I’m most proud of in my life may be that despite being exactly who I am, I have managed to pick up and retain a few friends at nearly every stop I’ve made a long the way. Nursery school, elementary, all those schools where you spend time without much choice or affinity, and yet I have been exposed to so much kindness and acceptance along the way. I mention this because last Friday night, despite being not even a reluctant athlete, I was invited to a dinner party for some friends dating back to junior high and high school who were planning on spending their entire Saturday running 50 miles up hill. It takes all kinds! Dinner was delicious, and the company was delightful! And the ladies? They ran 50 miles up hill the next day!

My feeling is that there is a commonality between Amy and Crista training for these marathons and ultramarathons on their parts, and the sheer amount of ideas I execute (you may henceforth refer to me as the Executioner) (or not.) is dedication to a goal and the pursuit of that goal. They were talking about some of the less-than-ideal marathons they had run along the way to this ultra-marathon, and they learned so much in those instances and grew as runners; sometimes, I have really precious ideas (see both cuts of my movie, for instance), but I falter along the way. Next time I make a movie, for instance, I fully understand the consequences of not lining up the images at the absolute beginning, and I now understand that the starting point is much further back than I realized.

Artistically, last week was a track meet for me. On Tuesday, I met a photographer and spent a day taking pictures for the next series of prints I hope to work on. I also dropped the Invisible Lighthouse in the Wood off at the gallery, and I showed D the guit-ard, because she had put out a request for small items for the front of the shop. I’m pleased to say that she liked the card and is welcoming more, so I came home made 10 more! Which brings us to the illustrated portion of this post:

leaf card
I thought I would shoot for ten cards, and I began with little direction, so I chose something simple.

These are not in order of creation. I realized a little way into the self-imposed assignment that even a single line lets the light in, so I could keep adding detail without stressing the cut paper into broken heaps of wood pulp…thus, the door inside the covered entryway.

Despite the fact that my parents are very temperate folk, I have always been charmed by this shape stemware.

Little Miss Muffet
This one made me giggle as I was working on it, and it makes me think of nursery rhymes. Accumulated litter from illustrated children’s books?

The flower was nice, but the card wasn’t properly balanced until I added the lines off to the sides, I think.

One of my go-to doodles, rendered in negative space.

bread, hydraulic bread
A complete picnic!

Full sail
Themes like sailing lend themselves nicely.

in the air
…andif we’re going to go out on the water, we might as well take flight afterwards.

Am I allowed to pick a favorite? I love the scale on this one, and the subject matter and so much else. I’m soaring just looking at this.

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