What did I do today? Ate bon bons…

I got a lot done today. Nothing new, but a lot of the old stuff, and that counts, too.

I had a nightmare last week that I had accidentally destroyed the block I needed to finish printing. I was beyond grateful to see that I had not. Artist-anxiety dream.

So today, I finished printing that block.coffee pot
Have I already explained that the idea motivating this series os to make vintage travel-style posters of my daily life? (My daily life is not really very glamorous, but I really like it.) So that’s why I did this print of my favorite coffee pot.

I wound up with…seven of these. When I was cutting the paper to size last November, I decided I would start with 10 images for each print. Apparently, this one was my most challenging one!

I also documented all the other images:Porch
I started with 10 pages to print this image, and despite the dog damage, at the final trumpet sounding, I had pulled 9 acceptable images! I think I’m down to 4 or 5 left, because one goes to a friend in LA; one goes to the KVIE Art Auction, one is getting framed for the show in October and one is going to just hang out in the files at the gallery for a while…

Coffee of the Rising Sun
Coffee of the Rising Sun, this one always makes me happy, and I wound up with 9 of these, as well. Whee! I’m better than I had guessed I would be!

(with apologies to Raymond Carver) What we talk about when we talk about alignment…

Bath time

This hasn’t told me its name yet.
It was also really incredibly challenging to print, but that would be mistakes that I made along the way. Won’t make those again!
Also: resulted in 9 out of 10 usable prints, but there are only 7 left…

And finally, I needed to print new cards for a friend in San Francisco who works in film: I got 17 of these little beauties done; it was a good day!light meter

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