Complete coffee pot

It just feels good to complete things: house cleaning, dinner, an idea that has been 9 months from conception to delivery, it just feels good. This is the last image from that series. There was room for more images in the series, I think, but I think for now, I’m done. May I present my favorite coffee pot? There’s a story behind everything, of course, and in this case, I bought the first iteration of this coffee pot on the sidewalk in Seattle in 1989 for $5. I had no idea, beyond it’s obvious design as a coffee pot, and I was with a group of more-grown-up people, we were walking from the parking spot we’d found to the grown-up brunch spot that one of the grown-ups had chosen, and we walked past this urban yard sale. Less beat down than some urban yard sales I’d seen, but set aside from the suburban ones I now know, because the host lived in a ground floor apartment and had no more claim to the grass than any of the passer’s by. So I bought the coffee pot and sat on it until I got back to school in the fall, and after one serious mis-fire, I settled in for the year in what was represented as the second oldest house in Arcata. I can attest to these details: it was cold. Working from the outside in, the house consisted of paint, several coats; redwood siding; plaster; more paint. What’s missing from that list? Insulation!!! But the stove was a fantastic, powerful beast, and I took my coffee pot apart, looked it over, filled it up, put it back together and made some of the best coffee I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking: I think it was a good deal all around.

Initially, I thought I only got 7 prints of this image, but I actually managed 8 out of ten, which really isn’t bad!

Same block, different print: this is a test of visual accuity. CAn you find the differences? Which one do you prefer?



At Archival for the October show with Sean Royal

Also at Archival…
I just thought this looked cool, so I took a picture of it…


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